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Love in the Driest Season Review

Love in the Driest Season: A Family Memoir - Neely Tucker

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I'm not usually into nonfiction books or Africa, but my mom recommended this to me. And this book pleasantly surprised me.

It’s written by Neely Tucker who comes from my part of Mississippi and even mentions my hometown. So that gave me some incentive to get into it. At its heart this book is about him and his wife trying to adopt a baby from a orphanage in Zimbabwe during the AIDS crisis on the late 1990s.

I honestly had a little trouble getting into at first and thought it was little depressing. But, once I hit the halfway point I couldn’t put it down! There is so much going on with him reporting first hand during wars in Africa and how the government somewhat turns against them, and the struggle to save a little girl from possible death is riveting. I can’t believe how incredible this story is and it’s all true.

If you prefer friction or are looking to get out of your reading box then I recommend you try this out. And of course it’s a great read for those interested in Africa or adoption stories.

I hope you check this book out and let me know what you’re reading to get out of your book comfort zone.